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High power wick-less "510 thread" coils & cartridges with through-pin airflow that can handle 3.7V or higher. 

Verified Compatibility:

+CCELL TH2 & M6T Cartridges

+Yocan Evolve Coils

+HECig Honour Coils

The 510 thread is an industry standard power connector.

Currently the "USB" of vapor products.

Fun Fact: "510" was named such for being 5 millimeters long and containing 10 thread turns.

With the device turned off, turn the device upside down and peel off the rubber lid. Inside is a rechargeable battery, remove it by unplugging the connector and plugging the battery into a USB outlet.

To reinstall the rubber lid place it on a flat surface and gently push the device into the lid. 

A shot is approximately 3 seconds of fill time.

With the standard battery this will yield an estimated* 2,000 shots per charge.

*The number of shots per charge is dependent on the length of each shot and what type of heating element is being used.


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